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Monday, December 14, 2009

Capital H HYPOCRITE--Joe Lieberman last Sept. at an editorial board session

By now, everybody should realize that what Joe Lieberman says has nothing to do with principle -- it's all about exacting revenge on the Democratic Party base that voted him out of the party in 2006. Every single time he's flip-flopped on a position related to health care reform, he's done so in a fashion designed to cause maximal harm to Democratic Party leadership and the administration. The only kind of health care bill he wants to see pass is the kind of health care bill that will disappoint the Democratic Party base and depress Democratic turnout in 2010. Simply put, enabling Joe Lieberman is enabling a political opponent of the Democratic Party, and anyone who tries to make a deal with him is going to end up looking foolish in the end. At this point, it is increasingly apparent that the only option left is reconciliation. Joe Lieberman is leaving Democratic leadership no other choice. (a Daily Kos post today)


Bob Johnson said...

If the Senate leadership, including our own Chuck Schumer had any spine, they would boot him as committee chair of the Homeland Security Committee. Let him rot in Independent Hell. Even better, let him join the Republican party. He campaigned for John McCain and addressed the Republican convention. Let him join. That's where he belongs with the rest of the Luddites. Why even negotiate with him. He unrepentantly represents big Hartford insurance money.

The healthcare bill as it stands is an utter disaster. It doesn't cover everyone and it doesn't address costs. It discourages preventive care with high deductibles. Down the line, the intention is to cut providers’ income: doctors, nurses and hospitals, all the while maintaining the multimillion and, yes, billion, dollar incomes of insurance executives.

My altruism will go just so far. I will not take any more pay cuts, work everyday, be available every night, Christmas and holidays included, make life and death decisions with some lawyer trying to second guess me, provide free care to those that don’t have insurance but have the right to sue me while some insurance CEO rakes in obscene pay for denying care. I along with many of my colleagues will just quit. You can go to your insurance CEO for your colonoscopy and your congressman for you anal dilation.

What’s more, our newly elected lawyer conservaDem congressman voted to prevent states the option of real tort reform by protecting lawyers' fees and preventing damage caps. That’s like me saying you have to lose weight but you can’t diet and you can’t exercise. That was neatly tucked in the HR3962 Sec 2531(a)(4)(b). He has the obligation to introduce a bill to repeal that section.

This bill has become an abomination. It is another give away to fat cats just like the bank bailout. We pay for failed banks and they deny credit and suck billions out in bonuses. This is a windfall for private insurance companies.

My patience with the political process is running very thin. Like the Republican party, the Democrats have lost their way. What good is it to elect a Democrat when that Democrat doesn’t believe in the principles of the party.

Anonymous said...

How do you solve a problem like Lieberman?
How do you catch a 'clod' and pin it down?
How do you find a word that means Lieberman?
A flibbertijibbet! A will-o'-the wisp! A douchebag!
I think old Joe 'iscariot' was a better Democrat when he was a Republican.

Anonymous said...

Principle? This coming from the Party that has Charles Rangle writing tax code? DD you are a buffoon.

NorthCountryLiberal said...

Leiberman is doing more than sabataging chances of meaningful health care reform. He is showing how disfunctional Congress is and will in the long run discourage frustrated voters from participating in the political process. The way it looks to the voters, Congress is imobilized by the "Just Say No" Republicans, the evangelical nutjobs, and the those bought by 'K' Street. The spirit of home is being beaten out of us with compromise after compromise while people are stil dying because they don't have health care.