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Monday, December 14, 2009

David Paterson is mounting a mini comeback

This from the Albany TU.

The new Siena poll finds the governor climbing up to a 36 percent favorability rating (with 53 percent unfavorable), which puts him back where he was in July — long before the Paterson campaign started rolling out a pricey ad campaign designed to bolster his chances for next year.

The governor’s greatest gain comes from voters who are not in his party: He gained 7 points among Republicans and 6 points with independents, but fell three points among Democrats. You can most likely lay that off on the fact that the master narrative of the past several months has been Paterson’s pitched battle with the Democrat-controlled Legislature, which he has cast as insufficiently fiscally responsible.

Paterson can also take solace from the fact that he’s now back to beating GOP candidate Rick Lazio in a hypothetical general election matchup, although the 42-40 win is within the margin of error. Not within the margin of error: Andrew Cuomo’s 68-22 hypothetical victory over Lazio, or the AG’s 67-23 victory over Paterson.

Paterson “is fighting gravity, and gravity is winning,” said Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf in an interview this morning with Fred Dicker.

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Anonymous said...

What town clown took this poll? And how could it be comeback if you have the lowest approval rankings as a Gov in the country to start with? Isn't there no place to go but up?