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Monday, December 7, 2009

Mash those potatoes

As JD has advocated for years the news business is becoming uniquely synthesized. When I started yammering about stuff like this in the last century dedicated news professionals would look at me with glazed eyes as though I had a truly screwy, marginally insane, perspective.
But the marketplace is dictating the necessity of hybridization. Frankly its fun to watch and be a part of even if JD's role is marginal. Print, electronics, opinion, aural, pictorial, analysis, video, internet, revenue gathering et. al. are becoming interwoven. The consumer is the winner. As an example, here is a print guy, Casey Seiler of the Albany Times Union, doing a quality video analysis of the gay marriage vote in the State Senate.
Here is a newspaper guy's strong analysis (which also appeared in traditional print) combined with a top quality video production on a co-promoted newspaper's website that is co-promoted by the newspaper's well read daily blog. All of which is supported by advertising in the paper, on the website and on the blog. Advertisers are given multiple levels of audience. Cool. Create it and sell it TU.

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