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Thursday, December 31, 2009

If you watched the above video here is a long form documentary on drugs you may find interesting

Here is what Lord Mayor Jeffery of Watertown wrote about the wind power pilot coming to the county leg Tuesday the 5th.

I oppose the PILOT being considered by the County Legislature and if fact believe the Leg should rescind its "standard PILOT" legislation that allows many such agreements to avoid individual votes. Clearly this places me at odds with others who are in local government.
My reasons are many.
-PILOTS....or payment in lieu of tax agreements....are not free money...They represent a shift of tax burden from those who pay to those who don't. There are many stated rationales for this...being a veteran...being a in a certain area....or in the case of business, "creating jobs."
Quite simply many Americans are tired of bailouts and subsidies and if a break is to be given it should go to all.
As for wind farms, they are already subsidized by the federal government and if they cannot make sense economically, then they need not exist.

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EvilJam said...

I agree with the Lord Mayor.