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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Scamming the state retirement system and calling out Don Alexander

A big JD "hoo-ray" goes out to the WDT for an editorial today about the JCIDA and their methodology to get undeserving folks into the state retirement system.

It seems to JD and the Jefferson Leaning Left blog that there might be some culpable criminality here.

The JLL said this, "..the JCIDA has been listing the staff of other various economic development agencies as being employees of the Jefferson County Agency. That way, the JCIDA becomes an umbrella agency to funnel benefits to workers."

The last line from the Times editorial is, "The practice bears a thorough investigation by Mr. DiNapoli's office to determine its validity and accountability for any improper conduct."

The A-B-C Book Drive is in the Distribution Phase

This holiday season Assemblywoman Addie Russell joined forces with the Community and Church Program in St. Lawrence County and the Community Action Planning Council in Jefferson County to hold a book drive. The drive was titled ‘A-B-C Addie’s Books for Children.’ The goal was to try to put a book in every kid’s hands this holiday.

The Assemblywoman was publicized and promoted the book drive and the social service agencies are distributing the books. The collection phase concluded December 11th and the results were impressive. Over 1,500 new and gently used books for children were collected. One book dealer alone, Kalieghbug Books, in Morristown contributed over 200 new books. Thanks also go out not only to the sponsoring agencies but Salmon Run Mall in Watertown and Kinney Drugs in Canton where the collection boxes were located . The Jeff/Lewis Teacher’s Center also deserve thanks for laminating the posters promoting the book drive.

Addie Russell said, “I am very pleased that the ABC book drive frankly exceeded my expectations in its first year. Whether kids read themselves, or are read to, the joy of reading can be experienced by many kids this holiday season. We are starting early to expand the book collection next year. Once again our goal will be to get as many books in as many young hands as we are able.”

Sheri Wilcox of the Church and Community Organization in Canton said, “It was a joy seeing the faces of parents and guardians light up when we combined the gifting of food, toys, clothes and books. The families that we deal with really appreciated the books.”

Melinda Gault of the Community Action Planning Council said, “It isn’t common for an outreach agency like ours to partner with an elected official to reach a common goal. But I’m so pleased we were able to do that this year. Kids will benefit and that’s always our goal at CAPC.”

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