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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Howard Dean, "Kill the Healthcare Bill!"

Breaking this early evening Dr. Howard Dean one of the longest and largest supporters of national healthcare legislation said in a Vermont Public Radio story that without the Public Option and/or the Early Medicare provision the bill should be killed. Click for it.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you Dr. Dean, these spineless Democratic Senators are failing America again. If they manage to pass this piece of crap bill as it stands now. Not only will we lose control of congress, we will not see another Democratic President for three more terms. A bill with no competition, no public option, no Government option, forced participation and Insurances monopolies calling all the shots is a nightmare I can't even get my mind around. What the hell are the Democrats doing in Washington. The Republican block is a monolithic anti-American people, pro big health and pharma corp HO! Acting powerless to stop them, makes you an accessory to a crime. And you will have to do the time. The Repubs must be rolling on the ground laughing.

Anonymous said...

The Republican block is a monolithic anti-American people, pro big health and pharma corp HO!

This is the typical clueless liberal at work. Mindless denial spoon fed to you by Chris Tingle up my leg and Rachel Madcow. The fact of the matter is that poll after poll show we the citizens don't want these morons taking control of 20% of the economy and heath care. Your delusional position is just a buffer for the shellacking that is going to happen in 2010 that would be magnified if this crap passes. Crap by the way that no one has read but somehow we have to pass this just to make Barry look like he achieved something this year. Nice try and I suggest you grow up.

Dan Francis said...

The simple facts are these:

1. The DEMS cannot handle the power of being in the majority,

and the

2. GOP can't the power the handle of being in power.

Note: there is a huge difference of being in power and being the majority.

DEMS need to figure that out.

I told the 11-country chairs at Blue Mountain Lake, August 10th, that is the DEMS didn't pass decent health care, that we'd see a repeat of 1994 - it may be worse than that.

Who has notes from that - or who actually cares?

Anonymous said...

5:54 PM, I got your M.O., spoken as only a current or former Federal/State/Town employee, who already has his slice of the entitlement pie and couldn't give a fig about anyone else. That's the Republican mantra, 'God loves me, that's why God gave me all these goodies. So screw yourself.'