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Friday, January 2, 2009

Witch hunt by board
becoming public disgrace
Rutland refuses to pay salt bill
COUNCIL VOTES 3-2: Members miffed highway chief went over budget, neglected to tell them
RUTLAND CENTER — The purpose of a town's year-end meeting is usually to pay bills and close the year's budget. But on Wednesday, the Rutland Town Council sent a message to Highway Superintendent Claude F. Phelps in a 3-2 vote to pay all bills except a $13,630.67 voucher for road salt.
... Supervisor's Clerk James E. Yuhas told the board it was defeating the purpose of the meeting by leaving out a significant bill. "You're destroying next year's budget before it starts," he said, assuring the board that more money will roll over than the projected zero used to formulate the 2009 budget. "The purpose of the year-end meeting is to pay year-end bills, not pick and choose, because the board should give the truest financial picture of the town." Read on...

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