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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Darrel and Addie help get-r-done

First came the bad news. Governor Paterson proposed closing the Reynolds Game Farm. That is the only place in NYS where four state employees raise birds that are stocked across the state in various locales to provide traditional recreation for game bird hunters. Of course, Perch River and Wilson Hill locally are two of those spots. Senator Darrel Aubertine voiced his opposition to the closure in December closely followed by Assemblywoman Addie Russell after she took office in January. Both legislators felt that not only did this badly affect outdoor recreation opportunities for the men and women that enjoy the shooting sports but that it was sort of cutting off your nose to spite your face. The simple fact is that the number of licenses sold by the state easily exceeds the expense of the operation and the sales tax revenue generated by specific purchases would also deny the state substantial additional revenue. The Governor clearly saw the logic of that position and retracted his proposal.
For a lot a sportsmen and sportswomen Darrel and Addie actively participated in preserving and restoring what is a traditional Northcountry activity for many. Congratulations.