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December 16th, 2008






It saddened me to hear recently that Sackets Harbor leader, Mike Kinnie will be leaving his post as Mayor.  As Chairman of the Jefferson County Democratic Party I would like to take this chance to congratulate Mayor Kinnie for his service to the Village.  Mayor Kinnie has served his community with dedication and enthusiasm and should be commended for showing the people of the Town and Village that with true leadership good things happen.  Mike will leave the Village in a fiscally sound position and will be missed by his community.


            The departure of Mayor Kinnie, a dedicated community leader and active Democrat, will leave us with a vacancy on the Board of Sackets Harbor.  It will be up to the Village Board of Sackets to fill that position and I am asking that a Democrat be nominated to fill the Vacancy until the next election.  The procedure of nominating Candidates of the same party affiliation to fill a vacancy of various County, Town and Village Boards is a standard practice.  We recently saw the Jefferson County Legislature replace now Assemblywomen Russell (D) on the legislature with Allan Drake (D). Legislator Drake was presented to a strongly Republican Board (13 Republicans to 2 Democrats) and it was met with a unanimous Vote of the Legislative body in the affirmative.   


            The people of Sackets Harbor felt strongly about electing a Democratic Leader to further the cause of the Village, and I would respectfully ask that the Village Board of Sackets Harbor further the cause of political harmony, and accept a  well qualified Democrat to fill out the term of outgoing Mayor Kinney.




           Sean M Hennessey


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