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Saturday, December 20, 2008



I want to thank everyone on the committee for coming yesterday, toughing out the weather and supporting the Salvation Army.    It was actually very warming to the soul to meet so many generous people from across the North Country so willing to give.  I have to say that it didn't hit me until I got home of not only the generous nature of our community but also that even though we sometimes think our lives are difficult it could be so much harder. 


One instance was a young lady who was waiting on a bench for over an hour for her ride.  After the 1st hour Addie and I thought we should ask if she needed some help.  She looked young enough to be waiting for her parents but no.  She mentioned that she was waiting for her friends to pick her up and she wasn't sure where they were.  We asked if we could give her a ride home but she said her daughter was with her ride and she looked fearful since they hadn't shown up yet (remember it snowed hard last night).  After a brief conversation we found out she's an 18yr old single mother that supports herself and her child working at a local fast food restaurant.  Her ride did finally show- but she looked worn out from  a tough life at such a young age.


It was also very noticeable that the majority of people that donated to our red buckets were soldiers. Many were young men and women that looked single and alone for the holidays.  I wonder if the spare change that they dropped in that bucket gave them a momentary glimpse of Christmases past.  They left their families and traveled North to train and soon ship out to the Middle East and beyond and we all owe them such a tremendous debt of gratitude.

Next time you find yourself down about the state of your life think of that young lady supporting her child and of the soldier away from their family for the holidays.  In fact next time you're in a Stewart's shop and you see a soldier waiting to get checked out take a couple of bucks out of your wallet and surprise them with a lottery ticket or maybe if you see a young lady with a small child let her have your spot on the check out line.  Little things in life go far in bringing us together as a community.  I feel blessed to have been a part of yesterday's bell-ringing.  Thank you Sandy, for putting it together.


 All my best to you and your family for Christmas and I hope you all have a wonderful New Year.
Sean M Hennessey


Jefferson County Democratic Party

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