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Friday, December 12, 2008

Hypocritical Politics: Put a Corker in it                                                                                                                           By: Sean M Hennessey

You know something that really gets my goat?  Hypocritical politics like those of Senator Bob Corker.  Senator Corker feels that Union employees should give into concessions to get a tax payer funded bailout.  Interesting!  The same people that are helping to pay for this bailout are  supposed to take it on the chin yet again, so that Senator Corker and his cronies can enjoy  taxpayer funded Salaries, Pensions and Health Care programs.  I'm not talking the Catastrophic Insurance packages that most Americans fall under but the best coverage that our money can buy.  Maybe Senator Corker should think of giving up some of his lucrative Salary, Health Benefits and Pension.  Bob times are tough out here. 

Maybe you should think of spearheading the charge for like minded Elected Officials to do without the lucrative Bennies that you so clearly feel others should not enjoy.  OH WAIT I KNOW… "TERM LIMITS".   That way Bob, you wouldn't need a pension either.  Two terms and you're out.  (With no lobbying for 10yrs after leaving public office).  We could also cut all like minded Elected Officials Salaries by lets say 10%.  We could save all that money and send it to people who really need it, Blue/White Collar workers.  The men and women that work day and night to make sure your kids are given the best education possible, the people that make sure your roads are paved and free of snow, the people, that build your homes and businesses, the people that feed your children and grandkids- and yes, even those that make sure the car that you and your family drive is the safest on the road.  It sickens me to have politicians like Senator Bob Corker tell us it's good for him…but…nobody else.

Send Bob an email and tell him to protect the Auto Workers and focus on the true problem with the Auto Industry.  Corporate managers and CEO's with bloated salaries, need to hit the road. Once there, they'll need only look around to see the  disastrous job they've done to further the US Auto Industry.                                                                                                                                                 

DETROIT — Opponents of a Congressional bailout for Detroit auto companies and the United Automobile Workers union traded charges Friday over who was responsible for the defeat of legislation that would have provided temporary financing until the automakers restructured.

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Paul Sancya/Associated Press

The United Auto Workers' president, Ron Gettelfinger, at a news conference in Detroit on Friday.



U.A.W. Chief on Auto Bailout Collapse

Senator Bob Corker, a Republican of Tennessee, suggested the fault lay with the U.A.W.'s president, Ron Gettelfinger, whose union declined to agree to allow wage concessions in 2009 as part of a deal.

But at a news conference Friday morning, Mr. Gettelfinger said the union feared that it was "being set up" by Mr. Corker, who he said was asking the union for concessions. Read on..                                                                                                                               Email Senator Corker:                                                                                                                                                               

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