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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why JD supports Kirsten

Harold Ford is packing his bags and attempting a comeback. Everybody put on your thinking caps and contemplate this. (Adama of the NY Progressive blogs network emailed this research.)

  • Ford was one of the 82 House Democrats (out of 210) who voted in favor of the Iraq War resolution. Just so everyone remembers clearly, the Republicans could not muster 218 votes for the IWR on their own--without Democrats voting with them, there would have been no authorization for the Iraq War.

  • Ford is unrepentantly pro-free-trade, voting for the US-Singapore FTA, US-Australia FTA, free trade with Chile, and supports the World Trade Organization. So long American jobs.

  • Voted in support of school prayer during the "War on Terror." Frankly I suspect that the recon Marines crawling around Afghanistan would prefer you spend your time giving them air support of a slightly more corporeal type, not to mention body armor.

  • Was known for telling fellow Democrats they should be more supportive of the Iraq War... at least up until it became politically unpopular, since he was running for it in 2004 and against it in 2006.

  • Was famously described by Anne Coulter (R-Eagle's Nest) as her "favorite Democrat."

  • Voted in 2001 against banning "soft money" donations to political parties, a reversal of his position from 1999 when he supported banning soft money.

  • Voted in 2001 in favor of retaining the failed ban against travel to Cuba. You know, that thing that has helped keep Castro in power for decades by purging the island of any competing viewpoints in public discourse. Moreover, he reversed his position from 2000, when he had publicly supported allowing Americans to travel to Cuba.

  • Opposed Bush's illegal wiretaps in January of 2006, but voted in favor of electronic surveillance without a warrant in September of 2006.

  • Voted against adopting the recommendations of the 9/11 commission.

  • Ford supported the Republican effort to interfere in the Terry Schiavo case, on the grounds of his ardent "pro-life" views. Being pro-life, to Mr. Ford, seems to mean voting against abortion rights but in favor of a war that's killed as many as a million people.

  • Supported building a fence across the US border with Mexico, one of the more absurd boondoggles that's ever come out of Texas, since apparently no one there has ever heard of a ladder, or wirecutters.

  • Voted yes on constitutional amendments to prohibit flag desecration and to ban gay marriage.

  • Was one of only 73 Democrats who voted in favor of the 2005 bankruptcy bill, which made it nearly impossible for those saddled with high debts to ever reach financial security again.

  • In short, Mr. Ford is grotesquely out of step even with the general electorate of New York State, let alone with the voters within the Democratic Party who would choose between him and Senator Gillibrand.


    scifiknitter said...

    This household agrees with you 100%! I can't believe that Mr. Ford will be taken seriously by NYS Democratic Party leadership.

    Dan Francis said...

    Former Gov. Spitzer has this to say about "fav" Ms. Gillibrand:

    “We need people in leadership now who know what they believe, who are willing to stand up and state what they believe and make tough decisions on critical issues relating to the economy, civil rights, issues of crime and punishment, guns, same-sex marriage.”

    Mr. Spitzer said on WAMC’s Alan Chartock.

    “And I just think on every one of those scores, she fails.”

    A spokesman for Ms. Gillibrand alluded to the failings of Mr. Spitzer, who resigned in 2008 after the revelation that he patronized a high-priced call girl service.

    “Because of his own actions, it wasn’t his call to make,” said the spokesman, Glen Caplin. “It’s not surprising considering she was among the first Democrats to say he would need to step down if the allegations were true.”

    Mr. Spitzer was also critical of national Democrats’ efforts to discourage primary challenges to Ms. Gillibrand.

    Gillibrand had values until she locked stepped with Schumer just like he said she would do. Now she is a famous flip-flopper...

    Wake up folks...

    Anonymous said...

    Wow, you mean there is at least one common sense liberal out there. Who knew? Scif, it seems no one is taking your party seriously lately in cased you missed the memo.

    Anonymous said...

    Do you remember the Doug Hoffman poll? You and Addie are out of touch with this region where we are generally pro-life...yep, even the Democrats.

    Other things on your list are troublesome, including the fact that he's a carpetbagger. Yet your video only means he'll get more votes in the North Country than Gillibrand and her belief in an abortion for every woman.

    EvilJam said...

    We already have too many Conservadems in the vaunted Halls.

    Anonymous said...

    EvilJam said...
    We already have too many Conservadems in the vaunted Halls.

    Hey Sparky, just because he doesn't sniff Schumers jock strap doesn't mean he is a conservative.

    Afterall, I thought you weasesls were the "big tent party"? Losers.