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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

TRAITOR? Say what?

Lots of people were commenting about this today. Do you think KO went over the top calling
Dick Cheney a traitor? JD is a progressive sort and certainly no fan of the former VP but I think you just dropped off the edge Keith.


NorthCountryLiberal said...

Keith is a counterbalance to the dominant Right Wingnut commentators. He is satisfying a demographic that is tired of watching Limbough, O'Reily, Savage, and Beck, move the weak minded extremists farther and farther Right with not a whimper from the Left. Their methods taste bad to us, but have been effective since Newt Gingrich lowered the moral bar during the Clinton Administration. Keith and the Air America folks are willing to go bare knuckles with them and I applaude their efforts. As to the question of Cheney being a traitor? I suspect he is a traitor to the Constitution, to the Geneva Convention, to the CIA, and to the current President of the United States. Keith has the cohone's to say it.

Anonymous said...

No one watches that raving lunatic. Did he call Harry Reid a traitor for mouthing the war is lost while are men and women were dying in Iraq? And tell me Keith POS, what is worse?

Anonymous said...

I don't expect NClib to respond to the last post, courage is not your forte. And the fact you blame Newt for lowering the bar during the Clinton admin highlights your ignorance. The man was charged with multiple sexual assaults including one rape allegation. I suggest you live in the real and not in a Norman Rockwell, loser.