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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yea! My Party exhibits some good sense. The Marist Poll reported this.

43% of registered Democratic voters in New York State say they would back Gillibrand in this fall’s Democratic primary while 24% would cast their ballot for Ford. Although Gillibrand has a double-digit lead over Ford, a notable proportion — 33% — are unsure about whom they’d support.


Anonymous said...

Mr Ford, please run.

Anonymous said...

Rasmussen had Coakley up by 30 points not long ago.

Until they actually have to talk about the issues..

Yes, DD, your party is on a roll alright.

Dan Francis said...

"Yea - my party..."

Well, Ted of friends, it's my party, too and I'll cry if I want to ... but I have two things to say about this "race" right now.

* Fact: Gillibrand has never run for for this seat: she needs a good old-fashioned DEM primary, thus:

1. What are DEMS afraid of?

2. Why are the DEMS about to take the voters for granted?

DEM is the first letters of our name and of Democracy... this is very troubling... really and just to be honest: Harold Ford Jr., in my view is a flip flopping phony...

Yea, my party, too. There are several critical issues they are ducking that needs voter attention.

~ Dan Francis

Dan Francis said...

Gillibrand on a rant, just like Ford... that outta play well, right? Probably.

Note the Comments Section

They are both wrong and we need a wide-open primary ... really.

Anonymous said...

Dan, it was the Dems that rigged the system when Romney won and then they reversed their own decision after TK passed away. At some point, people have to wake up. We are a center right country but someone has to cross check Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Axelrod.

Anonymous said...

Kiss Obumma's health care goodbye.

Anonymous said...

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