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Thursday, January 14, 2010

HO HO HO! The blogs review Harold Ford's rollout piece in the NYT

This is Adama Brown's Daily Kos post

Does anyone else remember the video clip show "Maximum Exposure" that used to run on late-night syndicated TV? They would put together an hour of home movies featuring people doing what were mostly incredibly stupid and/or dangerous things, and then you got to laugh at idiots getting their well deserved comeuppance.

That's how I'm feeling about Harold Ford's campaign right about now.

Anyone here has probably already seen the highlights of the Ford interview, but just in case you haven't: weekly pedicures, a one third cut in the corporate tax rate, running on support for the bailouts, helicopter tours of New York City, luxury boxes, capital gains tax cuts, breakfast every day at the Regency Hotel, chauffeured towncars, tax cuts for the ultra wealthy, and deregulation of Wall Street.

Think of the Times interview as depicting a more articulate George Bush, with slightly better taste, running in a Democratic primary.

Well, you can imagine what the reaction has been from the observers of politics both here in New York and around the country. But fortunately you don't have to, because really, you don't want to miss what's being said about it. CQ Politics described it as "How Not To Do the Profile Interview."

Tuesday's New York Times ran a fascinating interview of former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford, conducted by Timesman Michael Barbaro.

I say "fascinating" as in "Oh, my God, I cannot believe Ford actually said these things to a reporter for The New York Times in the belief, or even hope, that they would help him win Democratic primary votes against an appointed senator."

The Daily Beast summed it up nicely:

It was the most embarrassing interview I’ve ever read by a politician not named Sarah Palin.

A little later after recounting just a few of the many, many, many tone-deaf statements Ford made:

By this point, one assumes, Ford’s [press] flak is lying dead on the floor, having impaled himself with his BlackBerry.

One of the contributors over at FireDogLake defined it as "Harold Ford’s Completely Insane Senate Campaign Launch."

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a worse rollout for a political campaign, or one more disconnected with the constituency needed to win, than what Harold Ford exhibited in today’s New York Times.

Gawker put it even more bluntly: "New York Times Allows Harold Ford to Destroy Himself."

Remember how the New York Times' uncomfortable interview with Caroline Kennedy pretty much sank her Senate campaign? Hello, Harold Ford, welcome to New York!

I need to buck the trend, though. I'm really starting to see another side of Harold Ford, and I firmly think that he should continue to run for this seat.

After all, with all of extremely serious political fights going on out there right now, the late night comedy writers could use some easy material.

Twitter has an oppose Harold Ford page


Anonymous said...

If the NY TImes thinks he is terrible then he needs to run. Big tent party, eh DD? Clown.

Dan Francis said...

Keep on blasting (in this case, Mr. Ford earned his blasts) - just do anything to prevent a DEM primary for Gilliband, who may I remind anyone, did not run for this seat, but ought to now.

What are the DEMS afraid of? Surely it can't be about an old-fashioned primary with Democracy in action can it?

Isn't DEM the first part our name?

Well, maybe not....

Anonymous said...

Dan Francis said...

Dan - for what it is worth, both parties need to be purged to the bobbleheads and career politicians. Rangle has to go and so does Silver. This state needs a new start or we are going to be joining California for the next state begging for table scrapes to keep the bloated budget alive and well. I doubt DD will agree with that, The Working Party Family will not allow that.