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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

There. Take that.

Drew Mangione of Senator Aubertine's office had a comment today about the short article published in Roll Call and republished on Newzjunky. The Roll Call piece indicated that the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee would try to tie Darrel to the recent Senate dysfunction if he chose to make a Congressional run. Good for you Drew! You got it right on. Apparently the Republicans
are gearing up for another nasty, negative, naysaying campaign that the public really doesn't want to hear about but makes the super partisan Rs feel better. They keep making the same mistake over and over. Lets quote the Drewster.

“Senator Aubertine has never wavered in his support of reforms within the Senate and welcomes changes that would free all senators from partisan gridlock. He had the guts to stand up to both sides of the aisle and try to fix the mess that Senate Republican power brokers created. The Senator is nearing, but has not yet made, a decision to run. If he were to run, the real shock would be if the NRCC didn’t try to mislead the public about his record. “The Republican power structure has an amazing ability to look in the mirror and blame others for their own mistakes, even when they’re clearly out of touch with their own registered voters, many of whom strongly support Senator Aubertine.“The state Senate Republican hierarchy got all cozy with Tom Golisano and his money, and then started the stalemate, claiming they object to the very rules which they in fact established over four decades in control. The NRCC lost in 2008 and eroded much of their support because failed Bush Administration policies severely damaged our economy, so they blame the 7-month-old Obama Administration. “There’s a pattern here. The real surprise would be if the Republican cabal ran an honest campaign. They might actually win back some of the voters they have alienated, if they finally recognized how intelligent the electorate actually is.”

By the way the thingy was written as an email. No news release header. Just the same guy who has been Darrel's spokesman for more than a year now in all ways, sending a response to an attack. And it didn't cost the public anything.