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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Addie in O'burg

The Fort La Présentation Association and the Great Lakes Seaway Trail have unveiled two new military history theme interpretive panels at the site of Fort de La Présentation in Ogdensburg, NY. One of the themed outdoor Great Lakes Seaway Trail storyteller panels tells some of the history of Fort Lévis that was build on Chimney Island in the St. Lawrence River; the other tells the story of Fort de la Présentation.New York State Assemblywoman Addie J. Russell joined several New York State 250th French and Indian War Anniversary Commemoration Commission members at the unveiling of one of two Great Lakes Seaway Trail outdoor storyteller interpretive panels during the 2009 Founder’s Day Weekend Celebration in Ogdensburg.The community-sponsored panels, designed by artist Robert McNamara, draw attention to the host sites and communities along the 518-mile travel and tourism route that is one of America’s Byways and a National Recreation Trail.The two Ogdensburg panels are among a series of 100 signage units that showcase the interesting facts, legends and lore associated with the historic, natural, and recreational resources; and the people and places significant to the Great Lakes Seaway Trail region that parallels the St. Lawrence River and Great Lakes shoreline of New York and Pennsylvania.Seaway Trail, Inc. President & CEO Teresa Mitchell said, “The Great Lakes Seaway Trail outdoor storytellers panels identify*/ /*key places by theme, making it easy for byway travelers to discover the destination points they are most interested all along the driving route with a resulting positive economic impact on host communities Trailwide.”Russell says, “Enhancing our local tourism sites with interpretive panels explaining our rich history will increase curiosity and lead to more excitement about our region. Getting people excited about exploring the region is one of the best ways to attract them to our destinations and to keep them coming back, generating economic activity in our communities. I applaud the Great Lakes Seaway Trail and the Fort de la Présentation Association for their efforts in generating excitement for the Trail and specifically the rich history of the St. Lawrence Seaway region.”