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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kim Martusewicz

Kim Martusewicz is the Jefferson County Court Judge and he is up for reelection.

(Just in case you are new to the county--thats pronounced Mar-too-savage.) Those of us who have been around for awhile know that Kim has successfully handled over 5,000 cases in county court. However, even longtimers here might not know that our judge manages the heaviest felony caseload in upstate New York. The man has 30 years of legal experience with 10 of those years on the Jefferson County bench.

You may not know Kim from court (frankly if you have had to appear before him probably you probably aren't going to vote for him) but you will probably know him as an deeply involved citizen. He is on the JCC Board, Neighbors of Watertown Board, PBS Board and his church board too.

He really knows the northcounty turf because he is the son and grandson of farmers and grew up tilling that turf. His degrees come from Jefferson Community College, St. Lawrence University and the Western New England School of Law.

This fair, firm and independent judge has never wavered from the principle that judges should be elected and not annointed or appointed.

The JD blog urges your support for Judge Kim Martusewicz.