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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sometimes it’s the little things that getcha. I was gotten today. Sunday mornings at church have usually been considered mainly politically inviolate. Most sensible folks that are in tune to the sensibilities of others, including politicans, most clergy, most organizers and most church attendees, think of the sanctuary and its environs as mainly a politics exempt zone.

Occasionally some mild pro forma politicalish commentary flows from the pulpit but it is usually couched in a form that isn’t overtly offensive.

What is offensive to me is that dude today driving the pickup truck with the big Hoffman sign installing campaign literature under the windshield wipers of the unsuspecting worshippers inside. That seems to cross the invisible line of just plain bad taste.

Dede Scozzafava when she was interviewed on Mayor Graham’s Hotline said that putting all the rhetoric aside this Congressional race was mainly about same sex marriage. She thinks it’s a basic civil right for all people to have the right to marry other people they choose. The other side thinks its their obligation to loudly pontificate to other people how they ought to live.

I think Dede is right. Its us against the crazies.

Vote for Bill Owens.


Holy Crap! Son-of-a-bitch! You ready for this? You had better sit down.

The Watertown Daily Times has endorsed a Democrat in the New York State 23rd. Congressional district race. Yes a Democrat! A donkey! Someone other than a Republican!

I am speechless. What do I say next after 60 years of my ragging on and my teasing of the Watertown Daily Times editors for breathing nothing other than elephant breath.

That's right, they are endorsing Bill Owens. It has been there on the site for hours now, with no retraction. They even said:

"The Watertown Daily Times initially endorsed Ms. Scozzafava as the best-qualified candidate in the race. We still think she is. However, in suspending her campaign she released her supporters' commitment to her. That left voters to choose between Mr. Owens and Mr. Hoffman.

Of the two, Bill Owens is by far the superior and only choice.....

The Times endorses Bill Owens for Congress."

I am going outside now and get some exercise, clear my head and lower my blood pressure. Then I am coming back in to check the net, verify that this Times endorsement is not just a dream and then continue with my thesis that Jefferson's Leaning Left.