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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Each week the NYS Dem party produces a long email kinda newsletter. Here is the fodder from HQ.

Governor’s Corner

The People First

Governor Paterson's 2010 campaign released their first two television advertisements for the 2010 gubernatorial election. The two thirty-second ads, which will begin airing statewide on Friday, November 6, 2009, the ads focus on Governor David A. Paterson's life story and his accomplishments as governor.

Making the Hard Decisions

Governor David A. Paterson on November 5, 2009 signed a proclamation calling an extraordinary session of the Legislature to address the current-year deficit and additional legislation that was not finished at the end of session last June. In accordance with the proclamation, the Legislature will convene an extraordinary session on November 10 at noon. In addition to Governor Paterson’s Deficit Reduction Plan (DRP), the extraordinary session proclamation contains eight legislative items to be addressed by the Legislature; including the Governor’s proposed cap on State spending which includes a circuit-breaker property tax relief program, structural reforms to the State pension system and public authorities reform.

Let’s Go Yankees

“On behalf of all New Yorkers and baseball fans, I congratulate our World Series Champions, the Yankees. After a truly impressive season in a magnificent new stadium, the Bronx Bombers captured their 27th title – and, as I predicted just one week ago, they did it in six games. In celebration of their success, we are thrilled that two lucky New Yorkers will receive an all-expenses paid weekend in Philadelphia , hosted by my good friend, Governor Ed Rendell. I hope that they proudly wear their Yankees gear as they tour the Liberty Bell Center and enjoy brunch in Rittenhouse Square .

“This is a great day in New York and I look forward to joining the Champions and their fans at tomorrow’s ticker-tape parade.”

Governor David Paterson

Protecting New Yorkers

Governor David A. Paterson on November 2, 2009 submitted legislation to close a loophole to eliminate a statutory inconsistency that allows serious criminals to become eligible for parole earlier than intended. The current penal law permits repeat offenders convicted of first or second degree murder, first degree kidnapping, or another A-1 felony to receive credit on sentences for time served on a previous sentence. Serious repeat-offenders receiving these credits become eligible for parole earlier and serve proportionately less time than individuals convicted of a lesser crime. The loophole can also result in a murderer becoming eligible for medical parole far sooner than intended. Individuals convicted of less serious repeat felonies are not eligible for such credits.

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From the Attorney General

Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo on November 4, 2009 filed a federal antitrust lawsuit against Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC), the world’s largest maker of computer microprocessors. The suit charges that Intel violated state and federal anti-monopoly laws by engaging in a worldwide, systematic campaign of illegal conduct - revealed in e-mails - in order to maintain its monopoly power and prices in the market for microprocessors. Over the last several years, Intel has extracted exclusive agreements from large computer makers in which they agreed to use Intel’s microprocessors in exchange for payments totaling billions of dollars. Intel also threatened to and did in fact punish computer makers that they perceived to be working too closely with Intel’s competitors. Retaliatory threats included cutting off payments the computer maker was receiving from Intel, directly funding a computer maker’s competitors, and ending joint development ventures.

An Update from Comptroller DiNapoli

Roosevelt Union Free School District generally spent within the limits of its enacted 2009-10 budget in the first quarter but the district miscoded budget expenditures and failed to get board approval for $2.8 million in budget transfers, according to an audit released on November 6, 2009 by State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli. DiNapoli’s office has provided real-time fiscal monitoring of the school district since March 2007 to ensure the district controls spending and stays within its budget.

Statement from State Democratic Chair Jay Jacobs



Bill Owens pulled out an extraordinary victory in New York ’s 23rd Congressional District against the extreme right wing of a Republican Party in disarray, making him the first Democrat to hold that seat since the Civil War. An Air Force veteran and long-time community leader, Bill Owens represents the best of the Democratic Party and embodies our belief that government has to work for all to be successful.

Bill Owens entered this race to stand strongly with and for the people of upstate New York and to bring upstate values to Washington . President Obama and Vice President Biden both traveled to New York to show their full support for candidate Owens. Now, as our next Congressman from the 23rd district, Bill Owens will go to Washington to work along with the Administration to pass comprehensive health care reform, assistant in our country’s economic recovery, and lend his voice and experience to important discussions about national security and the future of our military in Afghanistan . Owens will continue his work to create new jobs and bring economic development to the 23rd District. He will ensure returning Veterans receive the respect and care they deserve and will serve as a strong voice for our farmers and ranchers in upstate New York , providing them with the support that they need to get the job done.

“We send our congratulations to Bill Owens for a race well run. He will be an honorable representative for the people of the 23rd District of New York,” said Jay S. Jacobs, Democratic State Chair. “The Democratic Party will not establish a litmus test for our candidates, like the one the Republicans imposed on their candidates in the 23rd. I’m proud to be a part of a Democratic Party that represents all of the working people of New York .”

“I would also like to congratulate and thank our very own June O’Neill, Chair of the Executive Committee. June’s tireless efforts and leadership in the 23rd Congressional District on behalf of the State Democratic Party made this victory possible.”

The State Democratic Committee deployed troops to knock on doors, make countless phone calls, and helped to get Owens' message out to the voters of the 23rd Congressional district.

Democrats also achieved two important victories in New York City .



John Liu, whose historic victory in New York City as the newly elected City Comptroller and first Asian-American elected to a city-wide office in New York , will bring financial reforms and accountability back to the City. John will start on Day 1 to spur economic growth and bring jobs to New York City by investing in infrastructure, maximizing federal stimulus dollars, diversifying investments, reforming the City’s contract process and investing in affordable housing.


Strong, dedicated and persistent, Bill de Blasio will bring a record of achievement to the office of Public Advocate ensuring that New Yorkers have a voice in shaping the policies of their government. Endorsed by leaders across the political and ideological spectrum, Bill has the support to hold government accountable, the strength to defend the rights of New Yorkers and the determination to get results.


Democrats are proud of our candidate for Mayor. In a race that was much tighter than anyone predicted, Bill Thompson mounted a strong challenge to Bloomberg and his millions, speaking for disenfranchised voters across the City. We recognize Bill Thompson’s outstanding record of service as President of the Board of Education and as our City’s Comptroller. Thompson is a tireless champion for working people and has the courage to talk about the issues that matter most. Bill has dedicated his life to building a City that works for everyone, not just the privileged few.


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