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Monday, November 30, 2009

In the air--everywhere

During one of the quadzillion football games broadcast over the past few days one of the announcers cheerfully said to me right in my own family room in LaFargeville that he would like to send greetings to our US military in 177 nations across the world. It seems the game was being carried on Armed Forces Television. One hundred and seventy seven! And we are opposed to colonialism right?
Yeah right.

On the subject of even more military stuff here is Michael Moore. You know, that hated progressive geek that is uncannily right all the time wrote a letter to President Obama on the eve of his address at West Point. Here it is.

Chuck Schumer is JD's hero today. Remember back in 2006 when Dubai World was trying to take over the management and security detail for 22 US maritime ports. Enter Chuck. It was pretty much a done deal until Senator Chuckie started waving his arms and hollering. When the rhetorical smoke cleared Dubai backed out and AIG (and Haliburton) got the job. We all know that Dubai World is now falling flat on its financial fanny. Good work Chuck.