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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


HE GETS IT RIGHT! This really deserves your attention.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Senator Aubertin,
Though you do not identify yourself as a Democrat or Republican what gives your affiliation away is the words "while still maintaining school districts the latitude they need to educate our children".
It is impossible to put a cap on property tax levy increases while still maintaining school districts the latitude they need to educate our children.

School taxes make up more than 75% of our tax bill!!!!! Homeowners are able to afford their homes but not the enormous school tax burden.
The only fair way to remove the burden of school taxes from each and every homeowner? Impose a dedicated tax on consumption. Why is this fair? Everyone whether they own a home, rent or are non citizens visiting our state must consume food to survive. Thus these tax revenues would fund the schools and the tax burden is lifted from the shoulders of homeowners. 75% of their tax bill is now gone! Sounds simple! It is!!!!

But you and other lawmakers must walk on eggs with the teacher's unions and must not pass a law by which taxpayers would have their tax $$$$ freed up. If this consumption tax would become law it would allow parents to be able to choose public or private schools. There would be an exodus from public education and teachers out of work.
You and others would loose the millions of $$$$ in campaign funds received from the teacher's union to keep their interests # One. Sorry to say you are all phonies.