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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Find out where you sit in the political spectrum by answering 10
weighty question. The Nolan Chart will place you. Surprisingly, to me,
I landed up as a centrist with a slightly left lean. See where you go?


Dan Francis said...

I am nearly dead center ... where I have been for years and where I feel comfortable.

Good test. Pretty honest in the questions.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Ted I'm a libertarian.

Anonymous said...

Mine came up "centrist liberal libertarian" whatever that is *G*

NY23inMD said...

I found myself just left of dead center and neither libertarian or statist. While I like limited government and personal responsibility, government has a role to play, and should be competent, accountable and paid for. Free markets are great in distributing most goods and services, but government needs to set and enforce the rules and in some cases (e.g., defense) provide the service when the market can't.