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Saturday, October 3, 2009

A strong local comment on healthcare

Dr. Bob Johnson, a Sackets Harbor native and the sole thorasic surgeon in our northcounty, cares deeply about healthcare both locally and nationally. This blog happens to share his point of view. It would be tremendous if each of the three candidates for Congress would take the time to carefully read it.

Unlike abortion or same sex marriage, the solution to the healthcare crisis is not based on a belief system or ideology. Rather, its solution is based on hard fact and common universal goals.

Almost all of us can agree on the goals of healthcare reform. Very few would have the audacity to deny that everyone should be covered: that in the 21st century in the wealthiest nation in the world that everyone should have access to healthcare. Very few would argue that healthcare should not be affordable. These are common goals to which we can agree. Once having agreed on these, the only thing that remains is to design a solution that will provide, in the most efficient way, a roadmap to these goals.
Bob's essay continues here.

After you have read Bob's essay come back and watch this and be prepared to be pissed off.

Next up--President Obama and the weekly report. He too talks about healthcare.