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Thursday, October 22, 2009

A couple of Perry paragraphs

Perry White is one of JD's favorite local political observers. I think I'm safe in saying he was the first of Jefferson County's political bloggers with his
really missed North County Follies. Now Perry, the City Room Editor at the WDT, is offering his insights on the WDT site.
He wrote these two paragraphs to wrap up a column yesterday. JD thinks he got it right.

It appears that, as a congressional candidate, Dede is a fine assemblywoman. There is a very good possibility that her popularity will fade from first, when the first poll came out, to third on Nov. 3. She could be beaten by both Hoffman and Bill Owens, the Democrat. Owens may win simply because he has been astute enough to keep the campaign blood spatters off him.

Dede is a legitimate candidate. She is smart, she has heretofore always shown principle, she has shown she can be electable. But the difference between being a qualified candidate, and an effective campaigner, is as big as the drive between the two furthest removed points in the 23rd district. No part of her campaign has satisfied her supporters or frustrated her opponents. She is quietly sinking like an autumn leaf in a quiet pond, and she has precious little time to invigorate her campaign and turn this all around.