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Friday, September 18, 2009

Press Release

Clerks Association question direction

Gertrude Karris offers answers while her opponent defends the past

On September 16, 2009 Gertrude Karris was invited to meet with the association of Town Clerks and Tax Collectors to discuss the past and future of the Jefferson County Clerks office. Gertrude said “I would like to thank all the Town Clerks that allowed me to outline my ideas to bring greater access to the County DMV while growing the revenue base. For far too long the County DMV has been a place where unhappy clients have been the norm and we must listen to our clients and move to make positive changes.”

After meeting with the Clerks Association it was clear that many of our Town Clerks are especially concerned about the direction of the Jefferson County DMV. Many questioned Gertrude’s opponent on what she planned to do to extend services to the greater Jefferson County Area. They were met with stock statements that changes could not be made because there was not enough money. Gertrude feels that our outlying Townships have been neglected. "When residents tell me that they would rather have a root canal than come to the Watertown DMV, or they drive to St. Lawrence County, Lewis County and Oswego County to avoid our own DMV, I think we better listen and find ways to improve customer service. Not every customer service improvement costs money."

The North Country has always been known for beautiful summers and harsh winters. Many seniors in towns such as Wilna, Evans Mills, Alexandria, Clayton, Ellisburg and Adams feel that services provided at the County DMV are simply too difficult to access and they feel isolated from services that they are entitled to. Gertrude feels that if we are able to grow our revenues to cover the additional resources needed for satellite offices, then we should share those surpluses with the very members of our community that have payed for them. “We need to reach out to our local clerks and work hand in hand to bring these needed services to our communities and keep the revenues in our County."