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Monday, September 28, 2009

Just got back from four days in Washington and found this note from Chairman Sean in my email. Its kinda late notice due to my not paying attention for 4 days but here it is for all interested. I've cut and pasted.(tf)

Well some months ago the Jefferson County Dem Committee jefferson County Democratic Party Voted to allow for email notice of upcoming meetings. That being said this is the first of hopefully many notices we are sending out about a meeting that will be held on Wednesday Sep 30th 2009 @ 7pm. This meeting will be held at the new head Quarters of the Bill Owens Campaign on State Street just prior to Public Square. The shops address is 141 State and the office is just prior to the Fung Hing Chinese Restaurant. I would park across the street and walk across State St.

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the direction of our Count Wide and Legislative Candidates. We have only 30 Days left and we would like to let you know how the campaigns are doing and discuss the various ways we would like to assist them.

We would also like to introduce you to the paid staff of the Bill Owens camp. We have a number of staff members at the new location and they would like to meet each of you and put a face with the name. They would also appreciate any furniture you might be able to lend the campaign. By furniture I mean tables, chairs, couch's,
file cabinets, phones etc. What they would really like is anything that can be used to hold up a phone. The office is very sparse and anything you can supply to help with increasing the comfort level would be much appreciated.

The staff would also appreciate any food you might be able to bring by between now and Nov 3rd. The
DCCC staffing the office are very young and they are mostly eating fast food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Any food you could bring be it a crock pot or baked pasta would be really appreciated. These are great kids and we owe them a great deal for coming here and doing what ever is necessary to get the win for us. The least we can do is drop off some items to keep them healthy.

I also wanted to let you know that we are planning a dinner for Oct 22nd at the North Side Improvement league. It looks like we'll have a cavalcade of dignitaries in the room so please lease mark your calendar for this historic event.

Other then that all is well. We were successful in securing the
Independence Party line in an opportunity to Ballot in Legislative District 11 for Paul Simmons as well as getting an endorsement from SEIU 1199 for all our Legislative Candidates. We're also in discussions with many of the local Labor groups in respect to endorsements and it appears they are going to follow suit. We're fighting hard and with some hard work we will be successful in not only keeping the seats we hold on the County Leg but also picking up seats as well.

Please feel free to call if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing you this Wednesday for our meeting.

Thank you
M Hennessey
Jefferson County
Democratic Party