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Monday, March 23, 2009

Sinking SUNY

The once proud "SUNY" brand is clearly in severe decline. And this blog thinks thats really a shame.
Jeremiah Harrigan in the Time Herald-Record wrote this:

NEW PALTZ — Today, most people call it "SUNY New Paltz." But the college's name is due for a makeover soon, amid a parade of other changes.
And don't be surprised if the abbreviation "SUNY" drops by the wayside in the college's search for a new, improved identity.
The college has hired a national marketing outfit to help choose a moniker that does what a proper brand is supposed to do — differentiate it from the competition, create customer loyalty and succinctly tell its story in words, pictures and logos.
College President Steve Poskanzer said recently that there was little question that the "SUNY" brand is flawed, at best, providing little useful recognition outside the state.
He also noted that the system's four research universities at Buffalo, Stony Brook, Albany and Binghamton downplay or have even dropped references to SUNY in their names. Stony Brook, for example, now calls itself "Stony Brook University," while the other three relegate SUNY to small print on their logos and recruiting information.