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Saturday, March 7, 2009

A short policy statement

It comes as no surprise to this blog that former Senator James Wright emerged as the Executive Director of the Development Authority of the North Country (DANC). In a previous post we wrote that given the composition of its Board there was little doubt that Jim would emerge at the head of the class.

Now that his rule on the DANC throne is an accomplished fact the JD blog will refrain from imflamatory partisan political commentary and simply cool it until Mr. Wright's first overt partisan political decision and/or action and/or appearance and/or endorsement takes place. If and when that partisanship happens we'll be on him like ugly on an ape.

Frankly we hope we don't have to report anything negative but we'll see if this old leopard can really change his spots. He has the opportunity to bring his strong mind and sophisticated organizational talents to work for all of us. Actually if the truth be known JD is pulling for him. You know this blog isn't above cheering a little too for the man if Jim actually pulls it off.