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Saturday, February 28, 2009

This blog hopes Tom reads his mail

First it was Addie and then Darrel hitting the keyboard and banging out letters to Obama's
Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack.

On February 19th this JD blog reported Assemblywoman Addie Russell wrote the Secretary asking him to please consider disposing of federally stored powdered milk offshore rather than dumping it into the current domestic market which would further depress the price paid to dairy farmers. Addie is a member of the Assembly Agriculture Committee. In her letter she pointed out that Vilsack was raised in rural Pennsylvania and went to college in rural New York so he really is familiar with small farm dairying.

Next up on his keyboard was Senator Darrel Aubertine. At the end of this week both Darrel and Kirsten Gilibrand asked the Secretary to falicitate a program that would allow locally grown fruits and vegetables to be available in local schools. Of course, Senator Aubertine is the brand new Chairman of the NYS Senate Agricultural Committee.

Frankly it is very refreshing to see both of the Democratic local legislators taking an active role in reaching out beyond Albany to help NYS agriculture remain economically viable. Good work folks. Now lets hope Tom reads his mail.