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Monday, November 29, 2010

Leslie's gone but not forgotten

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Middle-Class Mike said...

The Democratic Party has suffered a moral Waterloo, by deciding that the avoidance of grid-lock is their number one priotity. To avoid grid-lock, President Obama has signed on to this notion that compromise is the new lubricant of getting action in Congress, and is his new governing style. I believe extending jobless benefits was even more important to Americans in the short term, then getting, 'The Bush Tax Cuts' ended; and also getting real deficit reduction underway will now have to wait. In the end this President must realize that the economy isn't going to have lower credit lines available for anyone, including small businesses if spending spins out of control. Yet, we need to create jobs with public spending, repairing infrastructure, etc. in order to get more Americans back to work. Tough choices, and I did feel like it was becoming a strain being so passive in our discussions with the Repulican Party. Compromise can make you choke and I'm gagging on this one.

Mike Flynn/Middle Class Mike