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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How about an A.G. candidate who won't use the office as a stepping stone

This is a cut and paste from the NY Law Journal.

If Elected A.G., Coffey Says He Has No Plans to Run for Governor

Sean Coffey has made it clear what he will not do if elected attorney general—run for governor. As part of a roll-out of his 10-page agenda to reform state government, the Democratic nominee for attorney general pledged Monday not to run for governor if elected. Mr. Coffey said he had "no interest in running for governor, so it's an easy pledge for me to make."

The decision not to follow in the footsteps of Eliot Spitzer and Andrew Cuomo reflected Mr. Coffey's continuing efforts to position himself as an Albany outsider. The former securities class action litigator also said the announcement would help him get certain proposals passed by the Legislature.

As part of his proposals, Mr. Coffey said he will seek new authority for the attorney general to independently initiate corruption investigations and enforce campaign finance laws. "One thing that may make it easier for the Legislature to approve the expansion of authority is the understanding that that additional authority is not going to be used for political gain," he said.

I wonder if the other 4 wannabe AGs would make a similar promise. I'm betting the answer is as my beloved Texas born high school english teacher Mrs. Burch would say, "Zeee Rowe!" In a frustrated outburst she once threatened to award me that grade. I deserved it for inflicting her with an on purpose big backside pain. But being the nice person she was didn't do the 0 thing. Wish I could thank her now.

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