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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Senate may not be working but Addie is in the Assembly

Assemblywoman Russell’s tax repeal passes Assembly

Bill will now be sent to the Senate for approval

Assemblywoman Addie J. Russell (D-Theresa) announced the legislation she sponsored that would repeal the costly “floor tax” imposed on wholesalers, retailers, taverns, restaurants and other store owners who sell beer and wine passed the Assembly today (A.8576). The measure would also refund taxes paid upon application by those who already complied with the floor tax and paid their bill ahead of the July 20 deadline.

“I thank my colleagues for hearing the call of small businesses all around the state and for joining me in my fight to repeal this unfair tax,” Assemblywoman Russell said. “I thank all those from the business community, and all those who signed my petition. Together we sent a loud, clear message to Albany , that being taxed twice is unfair and cannot stand.”

Since the start of Assemblywoman Russell’s petition campaign, she has received thousands of signatures calling for the repeal of this tax.

Rodney Misch, General Manager of Arsenal Street Wines and Liquor in Watertown said, "I congratulate the Assembly for passing the repeal of the floor tax bill. Assemblywoman Russell and the Assembly have recognized that taxing our inventory twice is truly inappropriate."

“This is a huge victory for small business, but my work is far from over,” Assemblywoman Russell said. “I will continue to work with the community, my local businesses, and business leaders on other important legislation such as strengthening our empire zone program so small businesses can continue to expand and grow in New York State . It is these very small businesses that will create the jobs and the economic activity that will help the state grow our way out of this current economic recession.”

“I am hopeful the Senate and Governor will act on this bill before the July 15th deadline,” Assemblywoman Russell said.