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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Gillibrand opens her website and lets the sun shine in

Originally it was a song from the musical Hair but it has assumed a whole new political meaning.

Our new junior Senator who has promised to visit Watertown next week has created a site that contains her public agenda. She'll let you know who she is meeting with and what she is working on in the U.S. Senate
"The public deserves a government that is open, honest, and transparent," Senator Gillibrand said. "That's what this Web site is about. New Yorkers can log on and see what I'm working on, keep track of the progress we're making to improve their lives, and send me ideas along the way."
"I believe in open and honest government, transparency and accountability not just because it's what New York deserves, but because it produces the best policies and government. In these challenging economic times, we need this now more than ever," Senator Gillibrand added.>Click here for the site.
It also features her earmark requests and her personal financial data.

Actually she was one of the first half dozen Congresscritters to open a Sunlight website when she was in the House. Think John McHugh will too? Ahhhhh?

Would you like to know what 118th Assemblywoman Addie Russell is working on for us?
Here is some sunlight from her website too. We encourage you to check out her prime sponsored legislation and
some of the bills of others that she has chosen to endorse.